Waking Up to Hand Grenades

My name is Nik Brink.
Sex Truck, Paranoia Music and The Muzzlers are my bands.
I attend Columbia College Chicago.
I am a photographer, writer. and sculptor.

I have been waiting to see Amon Tobin live now since I was in 8th grade. When I found his music, it was like a whole new world of possibility had opened up to me. I had never heard music like that before, and I didn’t think anything could sound like it before I heard his album “Bricolage”. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and waiting for him to play a show in North America, because he doesn’t do that a lot.

The set was insane. It was a giant cubic sculpture that he sat inside of and had motion images projected on it using two giant projectors in the rear of the auditorium. The images were beautiful and mesmerizing. I saw a lot of people just standing, staring with their mouths wide open for most of the show.

Afterwards everyone I went to the show with wandered around Chicago for a little while. We bought Blow Pop Mini’s (They’re Blow Pop’s without the stick) and handed them out to the entire train car we were on to anyone who wanted them. After I walked my friend home off the Damen stop, it was already past 3am and I didn’t get home until past 4am, because even though the blue line runs 24 hours, it doesn’t run that often as late at night.

I had an amazing night on a lot of different levels, and I am really glad that all came together in the end, because I almost didn’t end up going. Funny how things always seem to work out in the end…

(Here is a promotional video of the Amon Tobin ISAM live show, so anyone who didn’t go can see what it was like.)

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